Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Family Tradition Volume 2: Our Advent Calendar

We are a family that is pretty keen on making memories and family traditions. I've shared here before about our movie nights but we have some holiday traditions too! The elf on the shelf (Mr. Bean) visits our family every year starting December 1st. On his first visit he brings Christmas Pajamas with him for the girls. We've done this since Luna was little and its more fun now because it gives me another reason to get these girls in something matchy matchy! Along with Mr. Beans arrival, December 1st is also the day we start our advent calendar. I made a simple one a few years ago from felt and although each year i have every intention of making a new one, we end up sticking with this one. It sure isn't a fancy one worthy of pinterest but it holds special memories for us.

Our week 1 advent calendar cards! Pajama day? Yeah, that ones my favorite.

Luna is so excited each morning to get up, see where her elf has landed and check the advent calendar. There's a card for each day with a fun activity and little special surprise in the pocket. We like to keep it simple with fun erasers, small pieces of candy, things like that. She was especially excited this week about the Rudolph Band-aids! She immediately searched her legs looking for some sign she needed to use one.

I have to admit, it's not all for her. Watching her in these moments makes me happy too! .

What does it say?!

Sweet sisters. The sight my uterus always dreamed of. Anxiously awaiting fresh baked cookies! Although for Rue it might have been less about the cookies and more about the mysterious bright light coming from the giant metal thing.

Sipping hot chocolate and reading stories by flash a fort of course.
Obviously I didn't get pictures of each activity on the cards but mostly because I was off enjoying them instead. And I'm good with that.