Monday, November 10, 2014

Movie Night! A family tradition.

One of our family traditions that we love is movie night! It's something we've done since Luna was little. When we started this tradition she was probably about 2 and we would watch movies like Bambi, Toy Story and Lady and the tramp. While I love those movies (I really do!) it gets even more fun as she get older. It's so fun to get to show her the movies that we loved growing up and to see her love them too! Recently Annie, Mary Poppins and the movie we watched tonight, Milo and Otis were really big hits with Luna. Corey and I try to make Movie nights feel extra special. We make special treats and drinks, get cozy in our Jammies and blankets and lights out! We always keep the movie a secret right up until the viewing and Luna gets pretty excited about the surprise of it all. I cant wait until Rue is old enough to join in on the fun too! I hope our family movie nights are something that our girls always remember fondly as time goes by and they grow up, I know I will.

Getting our snacks ready. She's my helper.
A movie night with out popcorn is not a movie night!

Any seat next to daddy is her favorite place to sit.

Its usually bedtime for Rue before we get too far into the movie, but she's pretty keen on the eating part. Also, hair.

Hot drinks are on the menu for tonight! Coffee for Dad, Apple Cider for L and Tea for me. Fall is so good.
These truly are the best days. 

I really love the idea of family traditions, like big Sunday morning breakfasts. I love that. I picture myself getting up before everyone else making a big ol breakfast, with all the yummy breakfast foods you can think of. My family rubbing their eyes as they trickle into the kitchen. But that's as far as I ever get, the idea of it. Maybe when I get to the point where I actually get to sleep through the night I will have the energy to make it happen! Ha! Do you have any family traditions that are special to you?

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