Saturday, December 20, 2014

Our 2 year House-iversary

2 years ago today, over a month after what was supposed to be our closing date, we finally got the keys to our first home. It was crazy, and stressful to move RIGHT before Christmas. But we were so happy and excited to start that new chapter in our lives. Right before we put the key in the door to enter our home for the first time as its owners we took a picture on the front step. Its become a tradition of ours now, every year on our "house-iversary"

Its been such a blessing for us to grow our family and make memories in this home. I cant wait to see what year 3 brings!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dear Saint Nick, A four year olds letter to Santa

These are Luna's words 100 % I just transcribed them for her.

I told her we needed a sign off like- from, Luna or Sincerely, Luna and well, you can see what she came up with! What's a Robo-3000 car? Couldn't tell ya, and neither could she. She said it's just something she just thought up....we don't have cable so it couldn't be from a commercial which was my first thought, and why it needs cookie cutters is an even bigger mystery. But that's Luna through and through! 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Advent Week 2!

We are already through our second week of the advent calendar which means we're that much closer to Christmas! Eeek! We had a lot of fun this week though!

our advent cards last week

Luna's friend from ballet turned 5 last week and had a gingerbread house building party. So fun!

Every year Luna and I make ornaments together. Last year we made little jingle bell wreath ornaments, this year- salt dough ornaments!
I think rolling the dough was her favorite part.

Luna's favorite advent activity this week was "leave happy notes for strangers" she helped me write happy notes to leave around town. I asked her what she thought we should write that would make someone feel good and she came up with "I love you" and  "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands" everywhere we went that day we left one behind. ( on the kiosk at the post office, in the door at the thrift shop, the bathroom mirror at target.) The rule was we had to be real sneaky and make sure no one spotted us leaving the note. (of course, she loved that part) . She kept saying she hoped someone sad would find one so it would make them happy. I love that girl.
Writing her happy notes

"May we dance?' This girl cracks me up, but family dance parties are my favorite parties.

That's that for our advent week in photographs. The girls and their dad also paid a visit to Nanas and Papas while Mama went Christmas shopping and we watched Ernest Saves Christmas for family movie night. Now we're already into our third did that happen?!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sniffing Out The Perfect Tree

I love a real Christmas tree. Unless its an Evergleam. Obviously l'd prefer that, but until I get my hands on one of those and convince my family its a good idea, then its a real tree all the way! Every year our family goes to a local tree farm in search of the perfect tree to chop down and this year was no different.

We had a kind stranger take a picture of the four of us while we were on the tractor ride. I'm trying hard to be in more pictures. I'm always the one taking the pictures, but i'd hate for my kids to look back on our family photos and never see their mom having fun too!

First things first

Luna decided that the right tree was chosen by the way it smells. 

Every time we said, "how bout this one?" Luna would get close, spread the needles flat, take a big long sniff and say, "No, that doesn't smell right."

The first time Luna said, "This smells right!" was the last time because that's the one we chose!

Rue was pretty content to hang out in the Ergo all day snuggled with mama

Pack her up and take her home!

Hay ride to the bottom of the hill!

Now it really feels like Christmas in our home! How do you get your Christmas tree? Do you prefer an artificial one? Do you go to a farm or buy a pre-cut one? Or maybe you Griswold it and cut down a massive one from the forest? I won't judge.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Family Tradition Volume 2: Our Advent Calendar

We are a family that is pretty keen on making memories and family traditions. I've shared here before about our movie nights but we have some holiday traditions too! The elf on the shelf (Mr. Bean) visits our family every year starting December 1st. On his first visit he brings Christmas Pajamas with him for the girls. We've done this since Luna was little and its more fun now because it gives me another reason to get these girls in something matchy matchy! Along with Mr. Beans arrival, December 1st is also the day we start our advent calendar. I made a simple one a few years ago from felt and although each year i have every intention of making a new one, we end up sticking with this one. It sure isn't a fancy one worthy of pinterest but it holds special memories for us.

Our week 1 advent calendar cards! Pajama day? Yeah, that ones my favorite.

Luna is so excited each morning to get up, see where her elf has landed and check the advent calendar. There's a card for each day with a fun activity and little special surprise in the pocket. We like to keep it simple with fun erasers, small pieces of candy, things like that. She was especially excited this week about the Rudolph Band-aids! She immediately searched her legs looking for some sign she needed to use one.

I have to admit, it's not all for her. Watching her in these moments makes me happy too! .

What does it say?!

Sweet sisters. The sight my uterus always dreamed of. Anxiously awaiting fresh baked cookies! Although for Rue it might have been less about the cookies and more about the mysterious bright light coming from the giant metal thing.

Sipping hot chocolate and reading stories by flash a fort of course.
Obviously I didn't get pictures of each activity on the cards but mostly because I was off enjoying them instead. And I'm good with that.