Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sniffing Out The Perfect Tree

I love a real Christmas tree. Unless its an Evergleam. Obviously l'd prefer that, but until I get my hands on one of those and convince my family its a good idea, then its a real tree all the way! Every year our family goes to a local tree farm in search of the perfect tree to chop down and this year was no different.

We had a kind stranger take a picture of the four of us while we were on the tractor ride. I'm trying hard to be in more pictures. I'm always the one taking the pictures, but i'd hate for my kids to look back on our family photos and never see their mom having fun too!

First things first

Luna decided that the right tree was chosen by the way it smells. 

Every time we said, "how bout this one?" Luna would get close, spread the needles flat, take a big long sniff and say, "No, that doesn't smell right."

The first time Luna said, "This smells right!" was the last time because that's the one we chose!

Rue was pretty content to hang out in the Ergo all day snuggled with mama

Pack her up and take her home!

Hay ride to the bottom of the hill!

Now it really feels like Christmas in our home! How do you get your Christmas tree? Do you prefer an artificial one? Do you go to a farm or buy a pre-cut one? Or maybe you Griswold it and cut down a massive one from the forest? I won't judge.

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