Thursday, October 1, 2015

September (according to instagram)

I should've posted this yesterday, it being the last day of September and all but you know, life. It seems like September had just barely come and now it's - Oh, hey October! Its such a cliché but time truly does fly. I just want to slow. it. down.  That being said, I truly love October. Its one of my favorite months and I'm glad it's here even if it did come a bit too quickly. Before we fully dive into the beautiful month that is October, I thought I'd share some highlights of our September from my instagram photos.

I adore mums. They're simple and sweet and bring on all the fall feelings. Now if I could just get Rue to stopping picking off the flower heads...


I asked her to smile for the picture. She got distracted, and I like this much better.

I shared my Pyrex display on my shop's instagram account. Obviously I wasn't going to wait until October to start the Halloween decorating!

Lunch and flea market dates with my mama.....kid free!


The sweetest moments are sprinkled in between the rough ones and it makes them even sweeter.

Simple quiet weekends.

No caption necessary.

I'll leave you with that...

Goodbye, September.

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