Monday, November 24, 2014

A 1st Birthday: Party of 2

As I mentioned before, Rue and her Cousin Amelia have birthdays just 2 days apart. We celebrated together over the weekend with a small and simple, just the family, party at our house. Its been really special to watch these two together over the past year. Although it almost always consists of Rue mauling Amelia with kisses or hair/face pulling while Amelia tries to get away. But you know, in baby language that's love, right? I definitely didn't get enough pictures, which seems to be standard for me during big events, but the day was amazing and I enjoyed every minute I got to spend celebrating these sweet cousins! I cant wait to see what the next year brings.

Earlier in the week Luna went to the store with her Lala (what she calls my mom) to pick out a special gift for her sister. I helped her wrap it in brown paper and she spent a good part of the day decorating it.

All dressed up!

The ladies of the hour

She sat in her highchair quietly taking tiny bites of cake for as long as I would let her.

Yum yum!

My sister in law made the prettiest little pink and gold cupcakes and both of the smash cakes (that didn't see much smashing)  Rue was fairly delicate with her cake eating and Amelia wanted nothing to do with it!

Our birthday girl and her daddy

Let me just have a little taste...

I really regret not getting enough pictures of the two birthday girls together but luckily we have a few snap happy people in our family that I'm definitely going to hit up for pictures!

Rue doesn't officially turn one until Tuesday, so I'm still holding on to these last hours trying to convince myself I don't actually have a 1 year old.


  1. Everything looked perfect. I only cried once yesterday for not being there. Thank you for making things special for the babies. They don't know how special it is, But you made it special for everyone because of who you are. xo

    1. We missed you bunches Grandma Teri! Definitely wasn't the same without you, but Christmas isn't far away! See you soon!