Wednesday, October 29, 2014

All the fall things

I LOVE fall, guys. I mean who doesn't? There is just something about that chill in the air, the soup making, cider drinking, pumpkin carving goodness. Even though its cold and wet here this time of year it makes me feel all warm and cozy inside! I'm definitely not one of those girls that hates to say goodbye to summer. We decided today was a pumpkin patch kind of day. Pumpkin patches are the best! Actually we didn't even leave with a pumpkin in tow.(it was awfully late in the season and the pumpkins weren't looking so hot) But we didn't care. Pumpkin patches are less about the actual pumpkin and more about the experience anyway, right? Or is that just me?

There's a big sister in there somewhere
If there's a hay bale dressed up as a pig, you take a picture on it.
Pumpkins. Shes a fan.
Let's go sis

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