Monday, December 15, 2014

Advent Week 2!

We are already through our second week of the advent calendar which means we're that much closer to Christmas! Eeek! We had a lot of fun this week though!

our advent cards last week

Luna's friend from ballet turned 5 last week and had a gingerbread house building party. So fun!

Every year Luna and I make ornaments together. Last year we made little jingle bell wreath ornaments, this year- salt dough ornaments!
I think rolling the dough was her favorite part.

Luna's favorite advent activity this week was "leave happy notes for strangers" she helped me write happy notes to leave around town. I asked her what she thought we should write that would make someone feel good and she came up with "I love you" and  "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands" everywhere we went that day we left one behind. ( on the kiosk at the post office, in the door at the thrift shop, the bathroom mirror at target.) The rule was we had to be real sneaky and make sure no one spotted us leaving the note. (of course, she loved that part) . She kept saying she hoped someone sad would find one so it would make them happy. I love that girl.
Writing her happy notes

"May we dance?' This girl cracks me up, but family dance parties are my favorite parties.

That's that for our advent week in photographs. The girls and their dad also paid a visit to Nanas and Papas while Mama went Christmas shopping and we watched Ernest Saves Christmas for family movie night. Now we're already into our third did that happen?!

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