Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Celebrating Luna

I really don't know how it happened but my baby turned 5 (!) and you can bet we wanted to celebrate! Every year since she has been able to, we've let Luna pick the theme of her birthday party. In true Luna fashion she requested a camel party. Of course she didn't give me something easy like unicorn or dinosaur  (you know I tried) but she was sure a camel party was what she wanted so I was on a mission to make it happen. We packed our modest sized home with friends and family until we were bursting at the seams and I wouldn't have it any other way. To tell you the truth it used to overwhelm me. But I see it differently now. It makes me so happy to see all the people we love talking, smiling, laughing, kids weaving in and out from room to room. We're lucky for sure!
Anyway, on to the camel party!

The birthday girl started out her big day with breakfast in bed
Hip hip hooray, it's your birthday!

Easiest DIY banner ever, by the way! I simply used large gold letter stickers (left over from the banner I made for this bash) that I found at the craft store, stuck them to cardstock to add some weight cut them out and strung them on yarn. The best part is you can make them say anything you like!

When it comes to party favors it's important to me that they are something fun but also useful. I don't want to spend money on things that are going to be lost or thrown out before the day even ends or send kids home with tons of sugar that the parents don't really want them to have in the first place. Our solution this year was flower pots. Throughout the week before her party Luna painted a pot for each kid attending. She filled them with a pack of seeds and a little bag of wild animals (because I DID have to buy a pack of 120 assorted wild animals to pick out the 12 damn camels) we put the pots in berry baskets and attached a doily to the front of each one with the childs name on it. I used bakers twine to tie a camel to the front of each berry basket because flower pots have nothing to do with camels so that was my way of bringing them into the camel theme. Ha! But I think they turned out really cute and Luna loved personalizing each flower pot.

I cut out colorful circles from paper and used sticky tack to stick them to the wall to give the look of giant wall confetti. I hung strands of die cut camel garlands too. I wanted to mix the camel theme with bright and happy decorations but still keep it simple and inexpensive. I decorated the night before so when Luna woke up that morning she would feel the excitement and feel special on her day.

camels, camels everywhere!

The cake was pretty simple. I had big plans of baking dozens of cupcakes but we ended up going the store bought route. The day before the party our car got rear ended. On top of that I dropped the entire plate of sandwhices on the ground outside. At that point I was all about minimizing stress so yeah.... store bought cupcakes it was!

Yep. that happened

Of course the birthday girls cupcake has to be twice the size of the rest! How perfect is this gold camel candle holder?!

Uncle J.J.'s idea.

Rue's idea.

I love this picture of Rue. Taken by my sister in law.

These party animals- a cousin and a great friend- snuggled on the couch together long after everyone else had left.

It was a beautiful day filled with love and celebration and I hope Luna felt every drop of it. I have a really good felling about 5....


  1. What a FUN day! Sweet little five year old Luna. Wonderful pictures, Christa. (By the way I showed Ezra the last one and he said "wow Sophie is pretty cute" )

  2. Such a good mama. It was a beautiful party! (And thanks for the link, you're amazing.)