Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Rue Violet

Rue is one today. It seems impossible but its true. I truly don't know how a year has passed since she joined our family. I do feel a little sad about how quickly this time has gone and there is so much i'm going to miss. But I am excited too, she's changing and learning everyday. Its pretty incredible to see this little girl discovering the world. She isn't walking on her own yet, but she will happily scoot around the house pushing a cart or holding our hands. She laughs constantly. She's happy and funny and watches her sister with big bright eyes, giggling and squealing at everything she says. If you ask her, how big is Rue? She will fling her arms wide open and smile. She loves to clap her hands and give big kisses. She's still nursing and doesn't show any signs she's ready to give that up. I can't tell you what her favorite food is because she will eat anything her 6 little teeth can chew (including cat food from the cats dish) She says mama and reaches for me when I walk into the room or go to her crib in the morning and I love that. She loves me and I love her, and as much as I already miss my little newborn I can't wait to know this 1 year old. So grow on sweet Rue, there's so much happy ahead!

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