Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween! 2014

A Rue-nicorn and a Lunasaur

It seems like Halloween came out of nowhere. One day summer turned to fall and then instantly it was Halloween! Since I haven't figured out how to slow time down just yet, we accepted it and celebrated appropriately. Friday morning I decided to squeeze a couple drops of green food coloring into Luna's oatmeal and call it monster brains. You know, to make the morning a little more festive. She looked at it with a disgusted look on her face and informed me that oatmeal was brown not green and there was no way she would eat it. Well kid, I tried. A new batch of brown oatmeal and she was happy.  We went trick or treating that evening around our neighborhood with new friends and had tons of fun making memories and all that good stuff. I love these days. I took almost no pictures that night (and the ones I did take are blurry and grainy and just not very good, so please forgive that!)  which i was bummed about but I guess those are good days, right? When you forget about your phone?  Part of our Halloween tradition is to visit the girls' grandparents and Great grandparents in their costumes but Corey's schedule didn't really allow for that this year. To keep the tradition going we decided to get them back in their Halloween garb and do it on Saturday instead! Two days of trick or treating? No complaints. Halloween 2014, you were good to us. 

Trick or treat!

Luna wanted to be a dinosaur. But not just any dinosaur, A pink and orange dinosaur!

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