Tuesday, September 8, 2015

First Day

Our first day back at-it is done, the girls are snuggled in for a nap and I'm realizing that homeschool plus toddler is no joke! Before our school day was done, both girls had paint in their hair, stains on their clothes, dirt on their feet and my dining room floor was covered in green watermelon scented marker. But I'm truly grateful for every ounce of it. Tired, but grateful.

 Deciding to homeschool was not a decision we made lightly and it certainly wasn't anything I thought id ever do! I have no first hand experience with home school. My husband and I both went to public school and I really never knew any one growing up that was homeschooled.  As Luna approached preschool age we talked a lot about what kind of education we wanted for her, where she could thrive and be herself and learn about the world through first hand experiences and adventures. So after SO much thought and  many conversations between ourselves and Luna we decided to do preschool at home. It was kind of a trial for us to see if its what we really wanted, to see how Luna liked it, to see if I could handle it. (I always liked the idea of having that time to myself while my kiddos were at school) But that year was amazing. I loved the relationship I developed with Luna and she really thrived! She grew so much, learned to read and developed a deep love for books! She made lasting friendships through other channels like ballet and library story time. It really eased those little worries we had about our new adventure into school at home. So naturally continuing her education this way felt right. There are always those  people who have doubts, who think we are not making the right decision, who think we cant do it or that we're crazy. Some of those people are even friends and family. But that's okay. Think whatever you like. Our girls are strong, smart, brave, happy, free thinking, weird little people and we like them that way.

Luna decided on several poses she wanted me to photograph. She'd say thing like, "Okay now I'm going to do this. "Make sure you get my feet in this one "

She dubbed this one her favorite

Of course Rue wanted to join in.
I asked Luna a few questions this morning just for fun. It will be neat to see how her answers change each year!

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Luna: A librarian! So I can read books a lot. Also a zoo keeper...well maybe just a koala keeper.

What is your favorite color?
Luna: Yellow, Orange...almost every color

What is your favorite book?
Luna: Ramona the brave

What is your favorite movie or television show?
Sesame Street

What is your favorite animal?
Luna: Koalas!

What is your favorite food?
Corn on the cob and macaroni.

What was your best memory from the summer?
Luna: Tolmie state park with Darla (her cousin)

Who knows what the future will bring, who knows if this will always be right for our family. I sure hope so. But we are learning together as we go and I'm really looking forward to the year ahead.

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