Friday, March 27, 2015

Life On The Outside


Not too much excitement around these parts lately. I haven't decided if I think that's a good thing or not. Life has been fairly simple and routine these days, and a big part of me likes it that way. Most of our days are being spent OUTSIDE! That's right, I said it. We are finally at a place where we can play outside and it feels so good! We were getting stir crazy there for a while, and thank goodness mother nature agreed! It seems like spring came in full force here in the PNW and I'm sure thankful for it. Of course it rains here and there but we don't mind, those warm sunny days in between are worth it!

Dandelion bouquets for days

Teaching little sis the proper way to build a worm home. Place the worm on the bottom then pile evenly distributed layers of grass and case you were wondering.


This girl love love loves to be pushed in her swing! She's also discovered her tongue recently and will stick it out at you any chance she gets and she looks at you and I imagine she's thinking "Look at this thing I found in my mouth, isn't it fun?" 

Explaining to Rue how to perfect the art of dandelion wishes.
Her favorite thing right now is the watering can. She will have me fill it over and over dozens of times as she walks around watering plants and rocks and stairs and her shoes...You can see the dark spots in the cement where she's left her mark!
Luna would laugh and say "She keeps watering the tops! let me show you how to water roots, Rue"

 My kids are so much happier outside ,dirty, barefoot, and grass stained. I am too really. I never used to be though. I used to loath the sun and the heat (okay, I'm still not a fan of the heat) But I do love a good pic-nic and the fresh air and the sunshine. Thank goodness for these girls.

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