Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Lady Date

 Last week I promised Luna that as soon as Corey had a day off we would go on a date, just me and her. She dubbed it a "Lady date, because we're both ladies of course!" Luna had really been looking forward to it. She counted down the days and today was the day. The day of our ever so anticipated, Lady date!

 Dinner and a movie was on the itinerary- well it was more like lunch and a movie. I decided to take her to see the SpongeBob movie. I knew I was going to get huge brownie points for this one because Luna isn't allowed to watch SpongeBob but she often asks about it. We decided she wasn't quite old enough for SpongeBob just yet, but every so often she'll come across it (on amazon prime, the grandparents house) and she will ask to watch it. She's always met with a "no." I managed to keep it a surprise up until the movie actually started. I thought she was on to me when I mumbled "Two for the SpongeBob movie please", into the speaker box or when we walked into the theater room with the giant SpongeBob poster outside of it but that girl didn't have a clue! When the movie started up and it began with a live action pirate she got very excited and exclaimed, "this is a pirate movie! I love pirates!" But when she realized that it was indeed the SpongeBob movie she was even more ecstatic, grinning from ear to ear. Moments like those make it all worth it, right? After the movie we had a nice lunch and were in no rush to get home. These dates of ours, which don't happen as often as they should, are so special to me and I think they are to her too. I love these one on ones where all my attention can be solely on her and she can tell me all about her almost 5 year old thoughts. And let me tell you, they're pretty hilarious ;)

She wanted to hold hands and skip everywhere we went. I'm positive I looked as ridiculous as I felt but I loved every second of it.

She felt pretty special with her own little kids pack of popcorn, a drink and a fruit snack .
When the credits rolled she convinced me we had to go down in front to dance to the music. This girl talks me into so many things that I generally find too embarrassing or not a good use of time, and my gosh, am I thankful for that.

When you tell Luna to stand in front of that movie poster and do any pose you like....well, this is what you'll get 99% of the time, every time.

The most lovely dinner date.

I love to hang out with Luna, She's at such a magical age right now. I love her company and getting to know her as she grows into her own person with her own dreams and opinions. Being a mother to little girls is so fun, and I look forward to having days like these with Rue too!

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  1. This blog post put a smile on my face this morning. I love the details and the way you describe her reactions. I just said to Dorothy when we were our on her birthday dinner/Valentine's Dinner date that I can't wait to have mom dates with Tristan! It will be so cute.